Inspiration: Logos from Canada

Logos from Canada

Logos from Canada

Logos from Canada

Here is a round-up of some fine Canadian logos, grabbed from one of my favorite websites, The Canadian Design Resource. Canada has a wonderful history in terms of identity design with simple and iconic logos, most of which remain quite timeless. Listed above are:

1.  Canadian Metric Movement
2. Westbeach
3. Okanagan Spring Brewery icon
4. Montreal Alouettes
5. Potash Corporation
6. Marlborough Hotel
7. Delta Acceptance
8. Art Gallery of Ontario
9. Toronto Images Festival
10. Northwest Territories
11. Ville de Sainte-Laurent
12. Green party

We live in a time when logos seem very polished and over-produced, a logical side-effect given the technology we now have, however most of the above stand the test of time. I am especially fond of the Potash Corporation, Northwest Territories and the Green Party logos. Beautiful in their simplicity, and I don’t say that only because I am Canadian :)






15 responses to “Inspiration: Logos from Canada”

  1. Clint Avatar

    It’s too bad westbeach went bankrupt and was bought out by a chinese firm. They were a dynasty. My last snowboard jacket was swestbeach.

  2. Daniel Carvalho Avatar

    Wow, great logos. I love finding / looking at simple iconic logos, there’s something so satisfying about them. That Green Party logo reminds me a lot of the BP logo, except better.

  3. Zepho Avatar

    What? When did Westbeach go bankrupt? That’s so sad, Westbeach was my shit back in the day. James im dieing for that computer arts tutorial… if you release it I wont tell anybody I promise…

  4. james Avatar

    Zepho, I am yet to see my tutorial in print as well :) All the magazine shops here in Halifax are a full month behind in receiving Computer Arts.

  5. Abe Avatar

    I think Canadian design is some of the most fascinating work done today!

  6. Zepho Avatar

    Hi James; Trust me I have been keeping my eye out for it recently but I guess Vancouver is behind as well. Have you heard if they are going to be publishing the tutorial on their site or not?

  7. Nick Alexander Avatar

    Nice collection. C. metric movement is real nice. Another old canadian brand i like the logo from is Aluminum company Alcan.$FILE/Alcan_Logo_Blue_Internet.JPG

  8. james Avatar

    Zepho, it looks as if CA publishes tutorials on their site a couple of months after the issue leaves the stands. So (just assuming here), my tutorial might eventually land on their site, but might not be there until the new year.

    Nick, good call. The Alcan logo is a great piece of work, thanks so much for posting.

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  10. Mark Avatar

    I’m really liking number 1, the Canadian Metric Movement. Nice post, thanks.

  11. Khayyam Avatar

    Wonderful to see my hometown Potash Corp. rocking it’s wonder here!!

    Another well wicked post Mr. White.

  12. Evan Avatar

    I just found one of my all time favourite logos on the Canadian Design Resource:

    5 fingers of a hand, 5 leaves of a plant, the shape of a bird, there’s a lot of stuff in there for such a simple logo.

    Great list! And thanks for introducing me to such a massive inspirational resource — sorry work, I’ll have to deal with you later…

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  14. […] White, of, has pieced together a Canadian logo collection from The Canadian Design Resource. Via […]

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