Inspiration: Logos by Paul Rand

Paul Rand

Paul Rand

The great Paul Rand (1914 – 1996), an American graphic designer best known for his corporate identity and collateral design. Along with my previous post about Saul Bass, Rand developed some of the greatest identities of the 1900s, most of which are still in use today. Shown above are:

1. American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): 1962
2. IBM: 1972
3. United Parcel Service (UPS): 1961
4. Ford Motor Company (unused): 1966
5. Westinghouse: 1960
6. Yale University Press: 1985
7. Consolidated Cigar Corporation: 1959
8. Atlas Crankshaft Corporation: 1964

It is a huge shame that the Ford logo shown above went unused. Developed in 1966 it perfectly captures the forward-thinking nature of technology at the time while maintaining the Ford brand. Check out Rand’s extensive portfolio gallery at






15 responses to “Inspiration: Logos by Paul Rand”

  1. Paul Johns Avatar

    wow, I love the Ford logo! They should adopt it nowadays and just make it all shiny looking. Very cool.

    Nice post as always, James!

  2. sara Avatar

    Would you please consider compiling a collection of avian themed logo designs?

    Here are some starters:

    1. (I love this one!)


  3. Paul Avatar

    What an incredible body of work that guy put out. Goes to show even the greats are passed over on their work (there’s hope for me yet).

    Airlines have always played with the avian theme.

  4. Cleve formerly "C" Avatar
    Cleve formerly “C”

    One of my favorite Rand posters.

    He had such a fanstasic almost collage style of rough child-like cut outs in his earlier works as well which were very interesting.

  5. dave Avatar

    I still get sad when i see the UPS truck drive by with that new “adaptation” of Rand’s logo.

  6. James Avatar

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

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  8. Other Doctor Girlfriend Avatar
    Other Doctor Girlfriend

    The fact that the ABC logo has -remained- unchanged since 1962 speaks for itself. Especially when you think how a television network struggles with visual representation on a seasonal basis.

  9. Kenny Villacorta Avatar
    Kenny Villacorta

    That Ford logo is awesome! Anyone know what it was used for?

  10. Delicious Industries Avatar

    Fantastic logos! I also think it’s a shame the UPS logo was updated, and the funny thing is if you put the old and new versions together it’s the new one that looks more dated – Good design never dates!

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  12. guillermo garcia Avatar
    guillermo garcia

    hi, could you help me??? i need to know who made the battletoads logo, and who gibson logo (guitars)… thanks… guillermo (uruguay)

  13. Paul Avatar

    what is the type font of the CCC logo?

  14. guitar bodies Avatar

    hello! Can I ask what theme are you using in your blog? thanks!

  15. […] and simple geometric forms that pay homage to many of the mid-century logos by greats like Paul Rand and Saul Bass. I admire this work quite a bit. In our era of gradient and drop shadow onslaught, […]

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