Inspiration: Lexus IS-F commercial

Lexus IS-F

I don’t know a whole lot about cars, but I’ve always been intrigued by car commercials. In order for car companies to make their newest autos look fresh and on the cutting edge they are forced to invest in the latest and greatest design and effects going. They may have short shelf-life, but the forward-thinking car commercials tend to be at the forefront of wicked new video styles.

A prime example is this new ad for the Lexus IS-F. The engine sound was recorded while slick and fast abstract 3D shapes bolt around the screen to make the sound visual. I’m not sure what company did the work on this piece, but it turned out beautiful for what I’m sure was a very difficult concept to develop.

Edit: Check out the Lexus IS-F commercial right here. Thanks to Krew over at The Passionate Pursuit for the link!






2 responses to “Inspiration: Lexus IS-F commercial”

  1. Julian Avatar

    It looks quite nice overall and your probably right with how difficult it must have been therer are some bits in the middle though I personally find to hectic and chaotic.

    The car looks nice as well.

    The best car commercial out there right now in my opinion is the mercedes one I watched here on the island the other day (youtube).

    I like it especially because they don’t rely on the fancy new effects.

  2. krew Avatar

    Hi James,

    Here’s the video you’re looking for:

    The art you’ve created is beautiful, great work!

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