Inspiration: Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Really digging the illustrative stylings of Kevin Dart. He has a great mix of influence in each of his pieces, a bit of Japanese character design, a dash of ’30s travel postcards, hint of James Bond all wrapped up in a B-movie poster. I especially enjoy Kevin’s eye for unique color treatment, just look at the beautiful palette on the Yuki 7 piece above.

You can check out more of Kevin’s work at his blog, and also follow him on Twitter.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Kevin Dart”

  1. solemone Avatar

    I really like “the deadly bikini girls of shark island” awesome illustration

  2. Melkoret Avatar

    Yeah, I would Love to hang that Shark Island poster in my house. This kind of work should be how current posters are done imo :P

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