Inspiration: Judas Priest covers

Judas Priest: Painkiller

Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance

Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith

Judas Priest: Ram it Down

I’m really getting into the classic metal sounds of Judas Priest, and had to make a post about their awesome album covers. Here are four of my favorites, shown above are Painkiller, Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith, and Ram it Down.

I think Painkiller might be my favorite album cover of all time. A demon motorcycle complete with head and tail, buzzsaw wheels, driven by a metal man with steel wings flying over a crumbling city . . . it really covers all the bases :) And lets not forget their timeless metal logo.






6 responses to “Inspiration: Judas Priest covers”

  1. Michel Nielsen Avatar

    Nice post! There’s a lot of great inspiration to suck out of the 80’ies metal era. Also check out the work of Ed Repka. He has done tons of wicked metal album covers.

  2. mediapathic Avatar

    I spent years trying to convince myself that I liked Iron Maiden just so I could reasonably justify wearing their tshirts.

  3. Nick Alexander Avatar

    Screaming for vengeance has to be my fav. album cover of all time. You need to add Turbo though! Both side by side looks bad ass!

  4. electricmanja Avatar

    Judas Priest is amazing, everything is so bloody metal in this band.

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