Inspiration: Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes

I can’t get enough of the work of Josh Keyes. Not only does he possess incredible skill with a brush, but also the ability to water down an idea or commentary into it’s purest form and presenting it with the precision of a museum display. Keyes touches on American military history, urbanization, surveillance, and the beauty (and destruction) of nature. Very few humans appear in his paintings yet our fingerprints are present with grafitti, litter, mailboxes, traffic signs, roads, etc.

“My work often contains a hybridization of concepts and imagery that express global concerns about ecological, political, and militarism issues. I try to create work that fuses my personal mythology and imagery with these concerns. The result is a continuous and evolving pattern of fragmented imagery that slowly unfolds and folds like a patchwork quilt. The work functions for me as a record of both my personal history and interpretation of events in the world.” – Josh Keyes

Check out Josh Keyes’ huge body of work at his website, and also an interview he did over at Josh Spear.






3 responses to “Inspiration: Josh Keyes”

  1. C Avatar

    Ahhhhh. I LOVE IT! Similar quirky feel as the work that Brandon Bird produces!

  2. Paulo Avatar

    Hey, James!
    I’m Paulo, from Abduzeedo!
    That’s really funny, ’cause I’ve made a post on Josh today!! lol
    A user sent us the link, and now I came here to check on your work and here is a post about josh. This dude is amazing!!

  3. james Avatar

    Awesome, great to see other people mentioning Josh’s work, Paulo. Really talented guy.

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