Inspiration: Jordan Michael Gray

Jordan Michael Gray

Jordan Michael Gray

Jordan Michael Gray

Jordan Michael Gray

Jordan Michael Gray

Some great work from Kansas-based designer Jordan Michael Gray. Great use of de-saturated color palettes, nice painterly illustrations and a sharp eye for typography. I came across Jordan’s work quite by accident last week and turned out to be one of those gems I’m glad I bookmarked.

You can see more of Jordan’s work on his website, his Flickr stream, and why not give him a follow on Twitter.






8 responses to “Inspiration: Jordan Michael Gray”

  1. starlight86 Avatar

    Woah that last one is pretty nice.Really love the simplicity.

  2. Dunlap Studios Avatar

    I love his work, really nice style.

  3. Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist Avatar

    Fantastic find. I live in Kansas City and had never heard of him.

  4. Scott Lowe Avatar
    Scott Lowe

    Great find. Very inspirational, thanks!

  5. Mbithi Avatar

    The whole set is amazing…but that last one is something else! Could stare at it for hours and yet it’s so simple!

  6. KevinW Avatar

    I really appreciate you taking the time to consistently share your inspiration with us.

    It’s great to look at all the nice work. Thanks.

  7. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    I strive for this kind of simplicity in my work, but have not yet been able to effectively “go there”—at least not with the kind of immediate success that Jordan’s work shows. Thanks for sharing this with us, it’s definitely inspiring!

  8. JB Avatar

    Wow this guy is amazing, in love with the first. great colors as well

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