Inspiration: Invisible Creature

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  1. Nice find, James. It is kind of cool that visually these feel like a set, right down to color palette. That’s quite a feat to have a body of diverse work like that which still manages to fit the house style.

  2. Jason, you’re right. As much as their work varies, it always has a distinct Creature flavor while not pigeon-holing themselves into one theme. An amazing feat.

    A friend I worked with hired Invisible Creature to design the latest CD packaging for his band, The Contact. Creature really put time and care into every project they work on, returning beautiful proofs right out of the gate. Extremely pro with quality and timelines.

  3. Glad to see you featuring Invisible Creature James. I have been following the Clark brothers designs since they were Asterik Studio and they are always amazing.

  4. The Demonhunter logo is incredible. It’s a perfect example of “Less is More”. I mean, the Devil’s skull with a bullet hole?! Perfect!

  5. I’ve always loved their work, been following them since their days as Asterik Studio. The Hawk Nelson packaging is fantastic with the included board game.

  6. desde el sur de america saludos buenismo el blog!! y los invisible creature son parte indispensable en la inspiracion, rock, Dios y diseƱo la combinacion perfecta
    Martin // Montevideo Uruguay

    from south america greetings you blog is really cool! and the invisible creature are an indispensable part in the inspiration, rock, God and design the perfect combination
    Martin / / Montevideo Uruguay

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