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Info graphics

Info graphics

Info graphics

Info graphics

Info graphics

Upon doing a bit of research on interesting infographics, I came across the wonderful resource that is Good Magazine. Ive only scratched the surface and plucked a few graphics that really caught my eye (click the images above for the larger views) but it’s well worth a visit to the site. Beautiful work.






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  1. Justin Slack Avatar

    Lovely stuff. Information is Beautiful is another great resource for infographics:

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the link, Justin. Wonderful stuff there as well, love the movie monster comparison chart.

  3. Courtny Cotten Avatar

    I’ve been a subscriber of GOOD for the past two years now and I must say it is probably one of the most design conscious magazines that isn’t actually geared towards the design profession. They have consistently inspired me for design excellence in editorial print production. Not to mention that GOOD also brings up socially relevant issues and news that truly affect the world around us :P Who needs to know that stuff though, just give us more pretty pictures!

    Their website is definitely worth a mention as well.

    If you’re not already a subscriber I highly recommend doing so, I believe it starts at a $10 donation?

  4. Fred Avatar

    Well, I have to agree that GOOD magazine info graphics DO look good, but that’s where the GOOD stops. If one has ever read ANY Tufte, they’ll can quickly realize that GOOD magazine is one of the WORST perpetrators of the most fundamental NO-NOs in infographics. Mainly, present the information in the simplest way so that you can easily visual trends and quantities. That flag is of immigration is (excuse my French) SH*T. Notably: why would you ever break up the Mexico quantity onto two lines? GOOD magazine does so that it can make a pretty graphic, but the price is paid in understanding and comprehension of the data.

    Just get it together GOOD. You’re pretty, but you’re also pretty dumb.

  5. John Avatar

    Another great looking magazine not geared to designers that looks fantastic is Seed. Super over-my-head science periodical but I love looking at their pretty pictures and infographics.

  6. Adam Avatar

    Good find these are definitely some good looking infographpics.

  7. Alex / HeadUp Avatar

    Loves me some good infographics, nice blog you got goin here James!

  8. Fred Avatar

    PS the public transit graphic is SO lame. Visually just WAY over the top and it barely tells you anything at all… *sigh*

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