Inspiration: Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi

I’ve been a big fan of the work of Guilherme Marconi for quite some time, and have seen is works appear in many issues of Computer Arts and other magazines. The intricacies of his work are amazing, rendering such smooth vector illustrations into complex symmetrical and scattered collages. Great sense of bright color composition as well.

His new piece (shown above, click them for larger versions) is astounding, looks almost like a math-generated fractal piece.

To check out more of Guilherme’s work, see his Flickr stream as well as his personal website, My Schizophrenic Brain.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Guilherme Marconi”

  1. Melkoret Avatar

    Thats amazing. :)

    I want something like that on my wall someday

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Amazing! Cool & Relaxing :)

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