Inspiration: Grant Hamilton

Grant Hamilton

Grant Hamilton

I’m very much enjoying the work of photographer Grant Hamilton, specifically his Polaroid work. Grant has a unique way of capturing simple geometric compositions, whether it is simple color bands or a nicely cropped outdoor scene, using the magic of a Polaroid camera. His compositions are very nostalgic, and his color work reminds me of designs that might have been found on an arcade wall in the early 80s, as well as a hint of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.

Grant’s work is proof that aged technologies will never be lost and can still yield lovely results, which is sad considering Polaroid announced they will be ceasing to make their iconic film past 2008/2009. Enthusiasts and supporters have set up a website to do their part in keeping instant Polaroid alive, you can check it out at Save Polaroid.

Check out Grant Hamilton’s Flickr stream for more of his work, and also his Etsy store.






6 responses to “Inspiration: Grant Hamilton”

  1. Neil Martin Avatar

    This is a great find. Grant’s work is really nice.

  2. Agung Cahyadi Avatar

    i likes it simplicity…
    very inspired..


  3. Neal McCullough Avatar

    Isn’t it great to see such simple “stop & look” work like this. Great find James – I love it

  4. Cerium Avatar

    Great works from this artist :D

  5. Tim Avatar

    I agree James. I really dig Grants polaroid work. Very cool, hope he has stocked up on film.

  6. Matt Avatar are hoping to restart integral film production in 2010, giving us Polaroid lovers hope of future play.

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