Inspiration: Nicolas Alexander

Nicolas Alexander

Nicolas Alexander

Nicolas Alexander

Here is some great inspiration from a fellow Canadian Nicolas Alexander, who goes by the moniker Good Morning Stranger. Nicolas is amazingly adept at smooth lines, texture work and wonderful typography. I’m really enjoying his newer creations, such as his Omega Code piece above, where he is exploring a black liquid effect with his slick color usage. You might have seen his Good Morning Stranger wordmark above all over the web, or the many imitations.

Nick’s website will be launching soon, but in the meantime you can check out his blog as well as his Behance. To be even more specific, check out his wicked reel.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Nicolas Alexander”

  1. kyle steed Avatar

    man. that black liquid/goo effect is nice. the cool thing about it is the contrast from precise/clean lines to this abstract/organic overlay. very nicely done.

  2. Shelby White Avatar

    I love these pieces. I’ve always wondered who did them.

    I also agree with you, the omega code piece is really cool.

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