Inspiration: Gianluca Fallone

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  1. Thanks James for highlighting Gianluca. I saw one of his images on found and instantly added it to my design inspirations folder. But I forgot to take note of his name and have been searching for his work ever since. So I am very thankful that I follw your blog.

    He really is a great artist and Brazil seems to be emerging as a hub of extremely talent graphic designers and creatives. I have even heard that the graffiti in Brazil is beyond compare.

  2. PKayne, you’re right about South America. I have seen so much wonderful art and design being put out from Brazil, Argentina, Chile over the last while. I’m from eastern Canada so it’s great seeing what cultural cues are being followed by artists from different parts of the world. And I hear Brazil has been a front-runner in the graffiti scene for quite some time.

    Christian, thanks for the heads up :)

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