Inspiration: Daniele De Nigris

Daniele De Nigris

I have been following the work of Italian designer Daniele De Nigris for a few months now and have been floored by the sheer amount of experimental work he pumps out. His Flickr stream is teeming with bold vector works with pattern experiments, typography, impossible perspectives, overlay experiments, and the list goes on.

His pattern and impossible perspective works are very much akin to the work of M.C. Escher, while his illustration work has a certain starkness much like René Magritte with a modern execution and slickness. There is also a retro touch to his art. Very inspiring stuff.

His work speaks for itself, just check out his Flickr stream.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Daniele De Nigris”

  1. damien Avatar

    wooah, i love your work, i saw your pics a few weeks ago and i was astonished by the way you design these; it’s so clever, so cool, so…so.
    i’m not a pro, but i can say who has a talent and who hasn’t.
    i wish you the best for the future (works), if i was an Art. Dir. i’ll hire you immediately!!!
    Your pics will suit so well into a videoclip, for electro (music) or some kind of underground musicians…
    I stop to thank you by posting in my blog ( a small story about you, a fan’s writtings.

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks for all the kind words, Damien. I very much appreciate the encouragement, and thank-you for the feature on your site :)

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