Inspiration: Cole Rise

Cole Rise

I rarely blog or search out inspirational photographers simply because I know so little about the medium, but a friend brought the work of Cole Rise to my attention about two years ago which stopped me in my tracks. Cole has an amazing eye for color and aesthetic, but more importantly he has an eye for striking atmosphere. His work tends to have a simple subject (such as a few birds in the distance, or a single cow) but with that he conjures an amazingly ominous presence with desaturated color and an excellent use of natural matter, such as cloud or a single tree.

His work continues to amaze me. Check out his personal website at, and his Flickr stream.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Cole Rise”

  1. Christian Sisson Avatar

    Hi James!!! How you’re doing?
    I don’t know if it fits your taste for old stuff but i thought you would like this website

    Warm regards, friend!!

  2. james Avatar

    Wicked, thanks for the shot if 50s inspiration, Christian. There’s some wonderful stuff on that site especially the Decor section. Always appreciate the links you send :)

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