Inspiration: Branislav Kropilak

Branislav Kropilak

Branislav Kropilak

Branislav Kropilak

Branislav Kropilak

I came across a very interesting photograph of a billboard a while back, and was recently kindly reminded by Ffffound to look further into it’s source. Here are some selected photographs by Slovakian photographer Branislav Kropilak.

Branislav’s photographs are wonderfully arranged, looking from unique perspectives at things we might take for granted such as billboards, garages, plane trails and gas pumps. The first image of his that caught my attention was the billboard above (topmost image), which I originally thought was a hallway or something from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

His portfolio is super impressive, check out more of Branislav’s beautiful work on his website.






5 responses to “Inspiration: Branislav Kropilak”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Yeah, I thought it was a hallway too, took me a second to realize what it was. Really great work. The TRO one is really nice too, the geometry is almost surreal.

  2. Phil Coffman Avatar

    Oh yes, Kropilak’s photography is fantastic! His viewpoints create amazing tension for the viewer, like everything in the shot is very securely held into place.

  3. Kevin Avatar

    Hah! Just found another favorite photographer!

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Neil Martin Avatar

    These are fantastic photos. Amazing work, especially the first and second examples.

  5. Matt McRae Avatar
    Matt McRae

    This work is incredible! Wondering how he get his exposure so long on some of those ‘landing’ shots! Thanks for the link James – bookmarked.

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