Inspiration: Benedict Campbell

Benedict Campbell

Benedict Campbell

Beautiful modern-cyber design by Benedict Campbell. Lovely character and environment concepts with smooth lines and soft colors.






5 responses to “Inspiration: Benedict Campbell”

  1. Tim Reynolds Avatar

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  2. Famous Quotes Avatar

    This is so awesome. Love the imagination.

  3. Martijn Avatar

    Really cool! I am jealous!

    Hey can it be that in the footer of your website there is a white vertical line that runs along the “I read…” section and divides the footer in two? Just wanted to let you know, maybe this line shouldn’t be there because it looks a bit weird.

  4. Martijn Avatar

    About the white line … It’s only in Safari not in Firefox …

  5. Dainis Graveris Avatar

    Very interesting works and so nice gloss on objects..creative!

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