Inspiration: Atari

Atari: James White

Where would we be without them? Atari exploded onto the gaming scene in 1977 and pioneered an entire new genre of entertainment with both arcade games and a home video gaming system, the Atari 2600. With this monumental success came an entire spread of amazing screen and print design that defined the bright colorful style of the late 70s.

By the time I was at an age to appreciate video games the Atari 2600 was already six years old and I received a hand-me-down system from a cousin, complete with a cardboard box overflowing with games. I remember my favorites being Berzerk, Yars Revenge, Pitfall and the mighty Frogger.

Joe Kral has assembled a wonderful Flickr set of Classic Atari game manual covers. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a full-blast retro onslaught.






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