Inspiration: Art of the Title

Catch Me if you Can

Clone High



Thank-you for Smoking

Many conversations between me and my friends have erupted over the years about awesome movie title sequences. Many movies opt for the standard black background with white text, but it’s wonderful and refreshing when a director takes the time to construct a unique and dynamic introduction to their film.

Enter Art of the Title. Ian and Alex have put together an amazing resource featuring the top title sequences from movies and television into one blog. This is a visual feast, and finally brings an end to my tedious hunting around Youtube for my favorite intros. I grabbed a few images of my favorite titles above, Catch Me if you Can, Clone High, Vertigo, Lost and Thank-you for Smoking.

Easily one of my favorite blogs. Check out Art of the Title for more.






3 responses to “Inspiration: Art of the Title”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    I immeditately fell for the style of the intro of ‘Catch me if you can’. I asked my teachter whose style it’s from…..

    I think I’m gonna buy their book. You can find it via the link, above.


  2. bjzaba Avatar

    The intro to lost has always annoyed me so much because of a rendering artifact on one of the letters… (can’t remember which one, it probably wouldn’t show up on the youtube version)

  3. james Avatar

    Bjzaba, I never caught the artifact. I think the reason I like the Lost intro so much is more for the audio. Upon watching the first season I was convinced there was some sort of clue or message in that strange electronic sequence.

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