Inspiration: Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost

I came across these stellar designs by Norwegian artist Are Mokkelbost earlier today, and was stopped in my tracks. I had to stare at each quadrant on each design to figure out exactly what I was looking at, which as a whole creates an almost 1970s science fiction concept design. These pieces were created for the newest release by the group Next Life entitled Lost Age, and the designs are an extension on the group’s previous release Electric Violence.

I would love to know some of the processes behind these great compositions because they don’t look like they were created on a computer at all. The effects are subtle and don’t steal the show, while the color palette looks aged. Beautiful use of natural photography as well.

Highly multidisciplined, check out more work by Are Mokkelbost on his website.






3 responses to “Inspiration: Are Mokkelbost”

  1. Neil Martin Avatar

    His work reminds me very much of your own. It has that really nice retro feel to it, but whereas yours is quite clean, his is more photographic. Either way, really nice.

  2. Justin Avatar

    Very nice. Based on his website, it appears if most of his work is hand-done.

  3. james Avatar

    Justin, did you see the shots of Are working in his studio on the ION collage series? Literally thousands of tiny cut-up pieces layed out according to color, he truly knows the meaning of meticulousness and patience.

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