Inspiration: Alessandro Pautasso

Alessandro Pautasso

Alessandro Pautasso

Alessandro Pautasso

I’ve been watching the work of Italian artist Alessandro Pautasso for quite some time now and have always been impressed by his command of vector elements to create his bright illustrations.

He just recently uploaded that amazing Marilyn Monroe piece shown above, which motivated me to flick through his portfolio once again. The other two images shown here are part of a series I had not seen before. Beautiful palettes and nice mixture of photo and vector elements. Really enjoy how soft these images feel.

You can check out more of Alessandro Pautasso’s work on his website as well as his Flickr stream.






2 responses to “Inspiration: Alessandro Pautasso”

  1. kaneda Avatar

    Hi james! thanks for the mention in your blog :))



  2. Ashely Adams : Online Printing Avatar

    Marilyn looks so cool. Is that Medusa at #2? This is easily at par with some of the finest examples of digital illustration that I’ve seen on the Net so far.

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