Inspiration: Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras

Alan Jaras

I’m very much enjoying the experimental photography of Alan Jaras. Alan photographs light refractions through various plastic and glass objects, capturing completely random arrays of light and color. In his own words:

“These are analogue images of the refraction patterns of a beam of light passing through various transparent objects (in this case a piece of textured glass). The image is captured directly on to 35mm film, no camera lens is used ( this is a photogram using film instead of photographic paper), the transparent object replaces the lens. Colour is introduced by placing specially prepared coloured filters directly in the light beam. This is an analogue image and has not been computer generated or colour treated. The colours you see are a faithful reproduction of those captured on film.”

An extraordinary way of creating these amazing pieces. Check out more of Alan’s work on his extensive Flickr stream.






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