Inspiration: Jacob Bannon

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  1. I am a designer and an artist as well. Jacob has impressed me time and time again, both musically and artistically. Your Converge crit is spot on.

  2. Converge is definitely my favorite metal band.And Jacob Bannon is amazing,by the way,I’m pretty sure he uses alot of digital maniplulation / screenprinting to make his designs.

  3. From

    “Illustrations/Mixed Media work:
    I make a majority of my work by hand. Ie: I do not use Photoshop brushes/effects in my work. I’m not that technologically advanced to do such a thing. My use of a computer is extremely basic in that regard. It’s a great tool to clean up images, but I don’t see it as a creative tool by itself. Many commercial projects I work on require a great deal of versatility/flexibility in their uses and sizing. Because of this, I tend to construct pieces physically in layers, and will scan those elements for later use. Photography also plays a major part in what I create.

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