Here are a couple of trailers to some killer documentaries that I’m dying to see. Indie Game: The Movie chronicles a few independent video game developers as they dive into realizing their vision and dream, while Just Like Bring There is a wonderful view of the world of independent gig/movie poster creation.

The fact that both of these films exist is proof that the power in our industry is shifting from the big agencies to us little guys. Can’t WAIT to see these two.







  1. Leukocyt Avatar

    So, Olly Moss is in this (Just like being there)? It seems like Olly is everywhere now and I can’t decide anymore if it’s good or bad. Don’t get me wrong, Olly can do some awesome stuff, but he’s becoming the Lady Gaga of the design world.

    Still, both movies look really interesting. I’ll check them out if I’ll have the chance.

  2. Jeff Finley Avatar

    Those look awesome!

  3. james Avatar

    Leukocyt, your comment confuses me. Olly has always put out quality and respectable work. Why would that be bad? The fact that he’s more “known” should never reflect negatively on his character or his calibre. People labelled Nirvana “sell-outs” just because they got famous, even though they never changed their approach to music. It was unfair.

    Fame is a bi-product of doing good work, and if you’re doing good honest work it should never be seen as a negative. That’s just my 2 beans. It irks me when popularity sways opinion. It’s really silly.

  4. Kurt Brownridge Avatar

    I got to see Indie Game: The Movie at their hometown premier a couple weeks ago and it is fantastic! If you want to see the film, I highly recommend reaching out to them and requesting a screening in Halifax. James and Lisanne, he two filmmakers are based here in Winnipeg and I’m sure they’d love to get more Canadian screenings on the go. There’s a ‘request a screening’ button on their website, at least it couldn’t hurt!

  5. Rob Imbs Avatar

    Amen dude, these both look great. I’ve been waiting to see indie game for a while.

  6. Emilio Avatar

    Didn’t know about Just Being There, seems very interesting. Indie Game will be pretty epic for sure, maybe not King of Kong epic, but epic.

    On an unrelated note, James, have you secretly made this video? ^_^

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