What started as a little doodle yesterday turned into a full tilt poster design. This one caught me offguard but thought it would be a real fun one to dive into. Here is my third poster for the Prince Charles Cinema, this time for their screening of the some of my all-time favorite films, the mighty INDIANA JONES TRILOGY. The boys at the PCC didn’t even know this one was coming. Heh heh.

This was a bit of a strange undertaking since the screening is today and I started this poster last night. But the idea hit me so I just ran with it. Lots of fun. There’s a few relevant additions to the hieroglyphs if you look closely.

So if you’re over in London, get over to the Prince Charles Cinema ASAP to see these on the big screen. Believe me, I’d be there if that annoying ocean wasn’t in the way.






13 responses to “INDIANA JONES TRILOGY poster”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    You get the coolest projects and take them home all the time. Damn’, James :-)

  2. Matthew Avatar

    That belongs in a museum!

  3. Paul Pants Avatar

    “We have top men working on it now.”
    “Top… men.”

    Fantastic job, love that color palette…spot on.

  4. Andy Fox Avatar

    Brilliant once again Mr White, you’ve a great knack for colours (colors), I really love this. I’m constantly moving about right now but as soon as I have a fixed address, I can’t wait to collect a few of your posters. Great movies too of course.

  5. Joel LeLievre Avatar

    Spot on! I love how you were able to sneak a certain logo in there. ;)

  6. Leukocyt Avatar

    Wow, James, you’re becoming a poster factory. :)
    Really like this one. Great colour scheme and atmosphere. Those pictograms much have been a bitch to make.

  7. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, gang. Pretty beat after this one. Marathon poster, just might sleep the rest of the day.

    Joel, now you know I ripped my logo from the Mayans, or whoever.

    Pawel, such a bitch man. Most of my time was spent there … like, probably 80%. I luckily found a few glyphs, but the rest were made from scratch.

  8. P Avatar

    HA! There’s R2D2 in the corner, that rocks!

  9. Omar Jones Avatar

    James, this is so awesome, i’ve been Indiana Jones fan since a kid. You’ve knocked this out the ballpark buddy. I look forward to meeting you at the Weapon of Mass Creation Fest. I hope you have some of those Signalnoise T-shirts and poster for purchase!

  10. luca wist Avatar

    In any style, in any case…amazing!

  11. Rod Avatar

    really nice ;-)

  12. Thain Lurk Avatar

    Wow, very nice James, this one looks really well thought out and executed, very hard to believe it was a spur of the moment thing. Now I have to go watch Indiana Jones!

  13. James Avatar

    You should see what they’ve done with your poster for an event at a store:

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