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  1. Brilliant once again Mr White, you’ve a great knack for colours (colors), I really love this. I’m constantly moving about right now but as soon as I have a fixed address, I can’t wait to collect a few of your posters. Great movies too of course.

  2. Wow, James, you’re becoming a poster factory. :)
    Really like this one. Great colour scheme and atmosphere. Those pictograms much have been a bitch to make.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, gang. Pretty beat after this one. Marathon poster, just might sleep the rest of the day.

    Joel, now you know I ripped my logo from the Mayans, or whoever.

    Pawel, such a bitch man. Most of my time was spent there … like, probably 80%. I luckily found a few glyphs, but the rest were made from scratch.

  4. James, this is so awesome, i’ve been Indiana Jones fan since a kid. You’ve knocked this out the ballpark buddy. I look forward to meeting you at the Weapon of Mass Creation Fest. I hope you have some of those Signalnoise T-shirts and poster for purchase!

  5. Wow, very nice James, this one looks really well thought out and executed, very hard to believe it was a spur of the moment thing. Now I have to go watch Indiana Jones!

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