Illustrations for Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter for any length of time, you might have seen a slew of illustrations I pumped out back in February. The short story is that I created these out of frustration after a failed attempt to break into the movie poster world. When I’m backed into a corner, I lash out with new work.

Well, in the midst of creating those illustrations I got a call from Canon Canada who saw them and wanted to hire me to develop some camera illustrations in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Just another example of personal work leading to some rad client work. We had a really short timeline, but nose to the grind I banged out these fun designs which eventually ended up on some promo t-shirts for the event.

A big thanks to Canon Canada for rolling the dice on me!






5 responses to “Illustrations for Canon Canada”

  1. rdupre Avatar

    They all look great, but I love the AE-1. Spent a lot of dark room time working on film from that camera.

  2. Andy Fox Avatar

    Very nice James, they work really well.

  3. adam Avatar

    Nice illustrations, what a fun gig to land.

  4. Miles Elliott Avatar

    I would love to see the t-shirts that resulted from the designs as well.

    Great work

  5. Rudolph Avatar

    Love these. Were they done back in 2012 or is that a typo?

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