‘Start to Finish’ illustration process by Lynda

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  1. This is rad so far and I’m halfway through! Humbling to see how similar your workflow is to mine. In fact I have had plans to do a project very similar to this for over a year now. Client work takes up too much time. I’m aiming for Jan. Anyway this is an awesome feature, really insightful, very well spoken and clear. Thanks for sharing dude!

  2. Sincerely, I wished you were my “Art Teacher” at School. This Starkade series is truly inspiring, thanks for sharing this video footage about your art/work (Cool toys to play with at your office by the way Ahah!).

  3. These are incredible!

    I wish I could buy the prints.

    The Shockmaster was a brilliant surprise. Made me laugh with that one.

  4. It’s rare that you find someone sharing their process from start to finish. That being said, this is super insightful. I never thought of using multiple layers for light sources – it makes all the difference! Thanks for sharing.

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