Illustration by Andrew Kolb

Let’s start off the week with the work of illustrator Andrew Kolb. I came across Andrew’s work via Laughing Squid a little while back, just after he released his genius Space Oddity picture book, seen above. Love the idea and would murder a murder of crows to get my hands on a physical copy of that thing. So damn good, fantastic colours and design.

I figured the time was right to also show his fan-based The Walking Dead posters since the season premiere was last night. Really dig Andrew’s overall style, very Cartoon Modern reminiscent of 1950s cartoons.

Check out Andrew’s portfolio, drop into his online store and say hello on Twitter.






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  1. Morgan Porter Avatar

    The Space book is brilliant. But according to his own portfolio: “Note: This is merely a concept and no physical form of this book will be made. Sorry.”

    How unfortunate.

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