Hypnos by Citroen

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  1. I see they attached the head of the seat to the ceiling of the car. I wonder what happens if you move your seat backwards being this tall as I am. It would be a funny position i guess.

    Nice product placement on image 3 (Michelin).

    I must say that I always have this mixed feeling when looking at a concept car. Everything is so far away from reality. I sure do like the design thingy of concept cars but knowing that most of them won’t ever see production turns me off.

    What strikes me even more is that a concept car can create an enormous hype on the internet and then die a silent death.

    And then this one … Sometimes the factories make the effort to actually build a concept car and they put all these features in it and talk about it and they put it on big car shows and stuff. And then again everyone has something like “waw” and “cool” and they want to sit in it and touch it and so on. And the specs and technologies used don’t seem that far from the future.
    But hey, why take this car in production? It’s a concept car dudes, you don’t bring that in production. A concept car is supposed to be cool and hip but nothing more than that.

    And then you can bring on that a concept car is supposed to be a study of things and that they put these technologies in the cars of tomorrow and blablabla … And then I say that I want the concept car and not the stupid boiled down standard sucky car that supposed to fit the general public.

    Man, sorry, but I had to throw this out :)

  2. Looks almost like *you* designed this car. :)

    I feel the same way – these auto-makers come out with these DAZZLING concept cars, take them back to the design lab and (magically, I am sure of it) turn them into something that looks JUST like everything else! I was the proud owner of an Isuzu Vehicross (amazing vehicle, but since only 1,500 or so were made, the parts had a tendency to get a bit on the pricey side) which made it *directly* from concept to production with almost NO change.

  3. Thanks for all the great comments, guys. I feel basically the same about concept cars in general.

    I always see concept cars much the same as high-end fashion shows. Fashion shows tend to showcase the craziest and most flamboyant garb on the runway, which are mostly far too expensive to create and highly impractical. So by the time these trends reach the average consumer they have cut so many corners the clothing has a vague (at best) resemblance to the original work. Which is totally the nature of the beast.

    However, these experiments (whether it’s automotive or fashion) all need to be there for the sole purpose of exploring new things, no matter how ridiculous the concept might be :)

  4. I don’t think the vibrant seats work well with the modern exterior. It looks like a Dodge Magnum in which you would expect black leather seats, maybe some glass-esque type elements.

    For this design, I would expect to see a stark white exterior like on the Aptera.

    Still cool, just missing some level of completeness.

  5. Looks like the head rests actually are in the spiral thing you see in the plan view. The color scheme is awesome but since these images are all done on the computer i dont think you would ever be able to reproduce them unless you printed it on Vinyl/PVC. also this car doesnt have enough cup holders. real cars have like 40 and they all fold out of crazy places. i like how this car looks like it is trying to give the driver more viewing room when making right hand turns, that would be an interesting thing to investigate in a physical concept car. now we just need to make trains and buses look like this and i will be totally stoked!

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