Hyper Crush CD mock-up

Hyper Crush by James White

Here is a CD cover design I created for the 80s-style electro group Hyper Crush. Given the groups current visual language of extreme colors and retro motifs, I tried to create something that mixed the style of old K-Tel album covers with the over-the-top execution of Judas Priest. Other then the metallic letters, the Priest reference was all but lost once I added all the effects.

I tried to make the design as amped up as I could what with the explosions and lightning, which was lots fun. The design got progressively more hilarious as I added layer upon layer of effects :)







3 responses to “Hyper Crush CD mock-up”

  1. Palermo Avatar

    Great cover. When I see it, it makes me feel like going to an arcade and drinking a squishy.

  2. pienose Avatar

    insane! love it, but I would remove the ‘grunge’ boarder you’ve been using lately. It looks good on some other things, but here it just doesn’t fit.

  3. leo Avatar

    Fantastic…..i like that.
    Greetings from Brazil.

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