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Last year I wrote a couple of entries entitled Website Tools for the Artist (parts I and II) where I outlined how I was going about setting up my online presence, and how I was working to promote and sell my artwork to a global audience. I had to do a great deal of research while I was building my tools and having them work for me, and my goal for the posts was to share what I discovered with others pursuing that same goal.

Gino Orlandi over at Fuel for Art has written an ebook entitled How to Sell Art Online, a publication outlining what tools independent artist can use to build, promote and sell their artwork worldwide through the power of the web. I’m a big believer in spreading this kind of information as to help the global art community become stronger, and Gino has really taken the next step.

I discovered this publication through Abduzeedo, where they are having a giveaway to promote the ebook. Check out Fuel for Art for more information.






3 responses to “How to Sell Art Online: eBook”

  1. Simon Page Avatar

    Awesome this couldn’t come at better time I am looking to start selling some of my designs online kicking off with some of my CUBEN designs.

    I have access to a printing firm that I use for most of my print for work but they are pricey – but do a top notch job. I have considered buying a large format printer or sourcing a cheaper printing outfit but don’t want to lose the quality.

    Do you order your prints in bulk? and any idea when Legacy 2600 will be available?

  2. ultramods Avatar

    A lot of great info there…thanks for that

  3. Conan Avatar

    I came across some eBooks websites that help authors or artists to publish and get 90% on the sales. One is and a smaller one

    I hope it might help.

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