Help Japan

Update March 17, 2011: The Help Japan poster has been restocked and is available now in the new storefront. Click here to view and purchase. All proceeds from sales of this poster will be donated to disaster relief efforts in Japan by way of the Canadian Red Cross.

Japan was devastated by an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami today, causing widespread damage. They need our help. Donate to the charitable organization of your choice to do your part with relief efforts:

Canadian Red Cross
American Red Cross
Doctors without Borders
The Salvation Army
Global Living

Canada: Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10
USA: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
Ireland: Text REDCROSS to 57500 to donate €5

Available for preorder now is the Salvation Army Japan Relief t-shirt designed by the mighty Hydro74, seen above. An excellent shirt for an excellent cause, and you will also get 3 free Hydro fonts of your choice with the order of the tee. Click here to get yours.

If there are other charitable organizations I should link to from this post in aid of Japan, please comment and I’ll revise. Feel free to grab my poster design above on your blog to raise awareness to the cause.






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  1. Ramon (dobrado) Avatar

    Wonderful Poster!

  2. Michael Avatar

    Beautiful, haunting .

  3. Joshua Murphy Avatar

    That is REALLY, really good work man.

  4. Sean McLain Avatar
    Sean McLain

    Love this. Minimalist FTW.

  5. De Andrea Nichols Avatar

    Great way to merge advocacy and design for Japan through the use of its own identity and flag.

  6. Matthew Avatar

    You rocked the crap out of this.

    And for a good cause.

  7. Rachael Avatar


  8. PJ Tierney Avatar

    Posted a donation appeal on my own blog as well James, credited you for finding the US/Canada links.

  9. Marcus Avatar

    Hey there. I took the liberty of using your image on my blog for my call for help. Is hat OK?

  10. PJ Tierney Avatar

    Back on topic:

    Ireland: Text “REDCROSS” to 57500 (€5)

  11. Ashley Avatar

    Oh wow. Beautiful! I also shared this on my blog:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  12. D.Pizza Avatar

    If you text the # does it just charge to your phone bill? how does that work?

  13. Jorge Andrés Avatar
    Jorge Andrés


  14. Kristen Mintz Avatar

    wonderful post. Thanks for sharing! I’d like to post it to my blog, too!

  15. Milko Melian Avatar


  16. Adam Fraser Avatar

    This is stellar.
    Shared, tweeted and whatnot.

  17. Alae_Lailai Avatar

    Thi is a beautiful poster. I took the liberty of using your image on my blog for my call for help. If it supouse any problem, check my website and tell me.

  18. Daniel Avatar

    クールな豆! That’s Japanese for “Cool Beans!” Well done!

  19. Cameron Avatar

    Awesome stuff James thanks for all the links and great artwork! It’s really inspiring to see the world all band together like this!

  20. Nina-Sue Avatar

    Beautifully executed. You should consider selling prints of this to raise money. Just a thought ♥

  21. Milan Avatar

    Touching and beautiful.

  22. Lynn Avatar

    Imagine love.

  23. Suzieh Avatar

    awesome graphic, above all the posters about supporting japan, so far, this is the best, wonderful!

  24. Mike Avatar

    Beautiful, Wonderful…. I copied your post onto my little blog ( Additionally i added a link to the German Red Cross..
    THX for your work…

  25. daniel Avatar

    Our thoughts and prayers come to those poor people in Japan.
    Nice contribution James!

  26. cobra from germany Avatar
    cobra from germany

    James you know what?! This artwork makes me feel happy, because in such a situation like this we act like we are ONE nation!

    Great work, greets from Germany

  27. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Wow James, killer

  28. Ibraheem Youssef Avatar

    Amazing and inspiring poster for a great cause.
    Thank you James.

  29. Richard Avatar

    That’s great. High impact.

  30. Matt Avatar

    Awesome work for a tragic event.

  31. Leslie Carmona Avatar
    Leslie Carmona

    beautiful job.

  32. Mbithi Avatar

    That’s an amazing poster. I can’t believe how much it communicates. Thanks for doing this James.

  33. Borns Avatar

    Amazing and sad at the same time.

  34. Dimi Avatar

    Beautiful work!

  35. Viktor Avatar

    I got inspired by this amazing poster and I made one myself! I hope you dont mind :D 14/
    I’d love for people to buy prints of it so I can donate the money I make to Japan, could you recommend anything? :)

  36. PJ Tierney Avatar

    It seems everybody’s making a Japan poster or putting something on their blogs right now. Kudos to the art community for raising donation awareness! :)

  37. Martin Avatar

    Hey, VERY nice… I would totally buy one, if shipping to Germany was not 17(!)$… Too bad : (

    Very good idea, though!

  38. Kirsten Tomilson Avatar
    Kirsten Tomilson

    Very cool James! Just saw your work posted on The Daily What! WOOP!

  39. maya Avatar

    Could you give me the right to make your poster into a tshirt?
    I’m a student at UC Riverside and I want to sell it on campus and online ( I’m planning to make a blog for it and promote it there) and donate all profits to Japan. Thanks.



  40. CJ Avatar

    Great poster… beautifully simple and poignant. Nicely done.

  41. steven Avatar

    this is hauntingly fantastic. Incredible design!

  42. Lucy Avatar

    Beautiful yet haunting!

  43. marco Avatar

    yes it’s very nice wish will give good luck to japan

  44. soulwarrior Avatar

    My TCG team has also provided some information and asked for donations.
    Additionally, I also blogged about this on my personal blog.

    Used James’ design for the entry on and hope that’s fine. If not, please let me know.
    It’s also truly inspiring to see so many people work towards the same goal and overcome national borders!

  45. Lauri Kreutzwald Avatar

    Beautiful work!

  46. LucasG Avatar

    This is a great idea James; beautifully executed and a heart warming gesture.

  47. Galit Avatar

    Great design and beautiful post.
    re-blogged at mine.

  48. Jem Avatar

    Loved the T-shirt. Loved the cause more.
    Re-Blogged it on mine.

  49. Dar[K] Avatar

    Great design and beautiful post.
    can i have your permisson to re blogged this post in my blog too?

  50. Anon Avatar

    I’m all for helping out those in need and I think donating the proceeds to help out people suffering in Japan is a noble effort. But why the FUCK would I want to hang a poster with earthquake fissures breaking apart the symbol of a country on the brink in my house? Seriously? So I can remember the horror of these last 48 hours everyday? This is like putting photos of starving Somali kids in my living room titled “feed the children”, or a crumbling WTC in my office. I don’t understand this mass rally cry for a poster with such horrid context. This movement should be about hope and repair, not aggrandizing the result of a natural disaster. This is yet another example of the lemming parade that plagues the design industry/community, blogging and reblogging a designer with some cred in the hopes of gaining some hits or followers. The tshirt design is an uplifting & powerful image with a sense of strength, class & hope. This poster design is just some cat trying to be clever, without understanding the symbiotics of two weighted images.

  51. Reilly Newman (Zangaroo) Avatar

    Simply beautiful!
    I love it!

  52. Tomy Ray Avatar
    Tomy Ray

    Great work !! Beautiful, yet powerful

  53. sara Avatar

    the texting isn’t very affective because it takes up to 90 days for the $10 to be processed.


  54. Storm Avatar

    Amazing poster and great to see all the money go to the ones who need it!

  55. Hosojiri Hide Avatar

    Hontouni arigatou gozaimasu,dekireba boku no mixi ni nosete ii desuka
    Thanks a lot, can I post this in my mixi acount (mixi is a japanese social networking site )

  56. ivan raszl Avatar

    More Help Japan posters here with the recurring theme of the red dot:

  57. Dom Avatar

    I think this is glib and self-promoting, the latter being the far worse aspect of the exercise. Bing were rightly castigated for asking people to retweet their service in return for donations and I fail to see how this is any better. Is society in such a state of catharsis that we must buy something, consume something in order to give to charity?

    I’ve no doubt Mr White believes he is being altruistic here and that his intentions are solid. But there is no avoiding the commercial and social benefits this work brings to the designer (something made all too clear by the inclusion of his logo and the “free” SignalNoise sticker – another opportunity to cross promote the brand) and so the act itself must be questioned.

    At best this shows lack of forethought, at worst it is a cynical attempt to capitalise on disaster.

  58. victor Avatar

    dang!! sold out while toping up paypal!!

  59. Schiavello Design Avatar

    Hey Guys!

    I don’t have my print for sale but here is a design I came up with to help spread the word to donate. I was very inspired by James’ when I saw his! I hope you like it!

    Enjoy and Donate today!


    -Steve Schiavello

  60. Maik Avatar

    Hey James, love the poster u have done,

    I use to follow ur work as an inspiration and i have to say im a real fan, but, the fact im posting here is that sadly ur image poster is beeing used
    by some flickr user, dunno if he has permission im just giving you that advice:

    See you around!

  61. Chris Avatar

    Gah! I didn’t get a chance to purchase a poster! :(

  62. Dom Avatar

    Giles, my point is that I am fully able to do “something” without buying a poster. And Mr White could have done “something” without promoting his own name too. It might be useful for you to engage in discussion rather than accuse me of ignorance.

  63. james Avatar

    Dom, I created a poster the exact same way I create all of my posters, this time donating all proceeds to help the relief efforts in Japan. Yes, I could have donated $50 and called it quits, but instead I started this initiative which resulted in a donation of a few thousand.

  64. Dom Avatar

    All your posters take an hour? ;) Seriously, I know I’m coming across a bit strong but I genuinely think that this sort of fundraising does more for the artist or celebrity than it does for the cause. It’s not your fault per se. I think it’s a sad indictment on our motivations to donate to worthy causes. You could also have put a link on your website for people to just donate. I appreciate that you can make the awareness argument – your poster is being covered by the press now, but really, few people won’t be aware of what happened.

    And like I say, Bing offered their own money in return for people “buying” their product and they were ripped apart by folk. Is what you are doing any different?

  65. edmee Avatar

    very nice! love the simplicity!! can I post on my blog too?

  66. Karpathia Avatar

    altruism does not need to be advertised

  67. Lisa Nakamura Avatar

    HI I need this poster!!! It is beautiful, raw, and compelling. I am a PR Communications manager at a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver and we are starting a fundraiser campaign – is there any way we can use this image as part of the initiative, and I would give you full credit? Please email me back – urgent!!

  68. Andrew Avatar

    I think the shirt is awesome, and I like the poster. I know some are calling it just another way of commercializing a disaster. I believe this is a great way of increasing aid, by attracting donors that normally wouldn’t donate. Keep up the good work, keep attracting more sources of Aid that otherwise wouldn’t have been tapped before.

  69. tony Avatar

    Thanks James for making this poster and donating everything to the relief efforts in Japan. This is a wonderful gesture.

  70. boo Avatar

    I guess I was both a little late in making a purchase and a little too helpful in sharing: I have already passed this post on to numerous people and groups, so if they come bothering you about posters, I am partly to blame.

    Congratulations on two counts: thank you for creating a really quick response fund raiser with links to multiple charities, and (most importantly) thank you for an absolutely bloody … brilliant image for your campaign.

    I have been around long enough that it takes a striking image with a lot of thought and heart behind it to even slow my attention. Your poster is the single most brilliant piece of design that I have seen in more than a decade.

    What goes around comes around: may your gift to the people of Japan bring you many gifts in return.

  71. Viktorija Avatar

    I want to ask for permission to use your poster design,we want to organize some foundrising in Iceland to earn some money for Japan,we’re thinking about making some t-shirts and bags,so I think using design of your poster would be great.

  72. Justin Avatar

    Lovely! I applaud your efforts to help, and the action you’ve taken with this initiative. Great work James.

  73. Specimen Nikhil Avatar

    Great work! Good heart.

  74. Philip Seyfi Avatar

    Inspired, among other things, by your poster, I’ve designed my own, as well as an infographic and an entire microsite at

  75. Jesus Avatar

    this supports YOU not Japan stop tricking people out of their money JERK OFF and i “STOLE” your picture too stupid ass! ANY PICTURE YOU PUT ON THE INTERNET IS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS IT LIKES IT TO DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH IT! so FU and your stupid blog

  76. duifje Avatar

    Great work, love the poster!

  77. duifje Avatar

    Great work, love the poster and the design, thanks for the effort to help others.

  78. MAX Avatar

    Disgusting. Shameless self-promotion. Man, how a few thousand will help Japan? Do you want to repair a fence around a house?
    C’mon, this is only self-promotion, and again, it’s shameless. At least admit it.

  79. Nicki Avatar

    Love the poster design! I hope you don’t mind, I used it as inspiration for our own club’s poster :)

  80. William Avatar

    Your design conveys the poignancy and tragedy well. Thanks so much. I put up a site with links for donating to various NGOs who are actively helping right now on the ground in Japan even as the disaster unfolds. Many links overlap with yours:

    Most importantly, there is a link to a page that allows donating directly to Red Cross Japan, via Google’s crisis page. People may be interested in putting their funds into the local organization that’s making a huge impact already.

  81. Christopher Clark Avatar

    EP download at bandcamp. All proceeds go to the Red Cross.

  82. Stratos Agianoglou Avatar

    Hello everyone. I believe that this move is ok IF the money reach their destination. So BEFORE I order I would like to know if there is any way to learn how and where all those dollars went. You will publish a deposit receipt probably just for us to make sure that all the money went to charity?

    Thank you in advance. Kind Regards
    Stratos A.

  83. buddy Avatar

    There are a lot of posts from yesterday that are suddenly missing today. And I’m sure that this one will disappear as well. You obviously can’t handle critics or even opposing opinions very well. Censorship in 2011? Shame on you James. This isn’t communist China. I don’t know what you do at, but whatever it is, I won’t be buying it, promoting it or even looking at it. And that goes for you too, Nick. Shame on you for supporting this close-minded nonsense.

  84. james Avatar

    Buddy, the only comments that were removed were done so by request of the author. Along with one that replied to that ‘now deleted’ comment. What you DID bring to my attention is some kind of error where earlier comments aren’t visible. I will check my website settings.

    I’m not asking you to buy, promote or look at the poster, Buddy. If you want to help out in other ways, then by all means do what you feel is right.

  85. james Avatar

    Comments were somehow set to display 50 at a time, without a method of navigating between pages. Fixed now.

  86. eduardo Avatar

    What do you mean beautiful? This is very sad you know???
    Designers always with shit!!! There is no bullshit poetry in the images from Japan. Many People in Japan are suffering a lot. I don’t need a shitty poster to send money. A “beautiful poster” to remember how badly they are doing! Egocentric designers! I have a beautiful idea… Rubbish!

  87. Doug Avatar

    Will you be printing any more posters? They’re very well done!!! I’m going to promote them via our nightlife blog

  88. H.M.Haroon Avatar

    good work baby……………………………!

  89. paul_pants Avatar

    Keep it up James, you’re doing the right thing by using your talents to help raise money and awareness for those who desperately need it. Don’t let mean-spirited people in the peanut gallery discourage you, you’re doing way more than they are to help.

  90. nico Avatar

    wonderful, congratulations

  91. Max Avatar

    I confirm what buddy said, a lot of comments were deleted. Mine was. I was just stating how tasteless this was. And how you shamefully marketed yourself riding the wave of japan’s problem exposition. Now i know that you Are also a sore loser.
    Oh well, this will be deleted tomorrow so read while you can!

  92. Max Avatar

    I confirm again that i was dumb enough not to’ see my earlier comment. My ideas doesnt chance but i apologize for the angry second comment.

  93. Jason Avatar

    to address Dom in particular:

    the other day, I was at my local mall while an employee of a local health boutique was out front holding out a clipboard, asking for signatures for an organization positioning against child slavery. signatures. not donations, not even to stand there and listen to her speak. just 7 seconds to write your own name down. she even gave out stickers and $5-off coupons to those who signed. hardly a losing proposition, right? and yet, scores of families and fully grown adults theoretically capable of compassion ignored or waved her off. no thanks, don’t want any today. people like you and me are blessed with the capacity for compassion for our fellow humans, but there sadly exists a large segment of society that feels that if they’re far enough away from it, it’s not their problem.

    I commend James for this project, I really do. the reality is, while many of us are working our day jobs for a living, it’s easy to feel helpless when there’s real shit going on elsewhere in the world and the most we can do about is pledge a small donation. James has made glorious use of his abilities and influence, and at a cost to himself has raised more funds and more awareness with a one-man, grassroots initiative than the average person would otherwise have the resources to produce. this is not a sleek, underhanded marketing campaign. this is design saving the world, just a little bit.

    criticize the man all you want for self-promotion and ego; exposure doesn’t put food on tables or coverings on wet feet. the $7000+ this one poster has raised almost certainly will do that and more.

  94. Adam Spizak Avatar

    Hi James,

    Myslef and Artis Navi are humble to join this great cause – made one myself – hope it helps.

    take care,
    adam spizak

  95. Zab Avatar

    Will there be more available???

  96. James Avatar

    Where is your integrity? Mediocrity soars again!

  97. Karin Nilsson Avatar

    Better then thousand words.. Well done!

  98. Seiko Hatfield Avatar
    Seiko Hatfield

    Hi, many thanks for designing this and your contribution. My name is Seiko Hatfield who lives in Yorkshire and london, UK. I’m Japanese but UK residents now, and am planning to do charity event locally. Please could you possibly give me a permission to use your design to our support event? Could you come back to me please if you can. Again, appreciate your concern to our country. regards, seiko.

  99. Greg Avatar

    Thanks for the poster. I found it right after you made it and posted it to tumblr on my blog and it’s popularity took off. Over 314 people have since liked it or reblogged my post on helping japan. Way to go great simple design with a powerful message and important cause.


  100. Ivo Ornelas Avatar
    Ivo Ornelas

    I would like to help my poster released. I wonder how I can publish them. My name is Ivo Ornelas and I live in Brazil. Like you, we’re from Brazil also moved to this tragedy. Thanks. My Poster – – Twitter: ivo_ornelas

  101. Antoine Revoy Avatar
    Antoine Revoy

    A split second.

    That is how long I dwelt on creating art reacting to the past week’s catastrophic events in Japan. Then I ashamedly came back to my senses, remembering how disgusted I am with the rising trend of members of the illustration industry capitalising on tragedies under the guise of charity.

    Congratulations James White a.k.a. Signalnoise on raising your profile. While I am painfully conscious of contributing to your success by even acknowledging you (opportunists can’t lose; I presume that you will express surprise at the violence of some criticism, while weighing against it those seven thousand bloody dollars and social networking stats), I felt compelled to express my contempt at your kind. I hope that this is the last time I ever hear of your production.

    You clearly do not possess that most characteristic of Japanese traits: dignity.

  102. KG Avatar

    This is a good link
    this person uploaded most of donation links

  103. Cris Avatar

    Beautiful work James! Love the way you created such a strong message with a serene and peaceful image.

  104. Jorge Ortega Avatar

    On March 15th, 2011 launched it’s online giving website in hopes of providing organizations and individuals with a revolutionary online fundraising tool that would change the way people across the United States fundraise.
    We had always envisioned sponsoring our own causes however, we had absolutely no idea that we would be doing just that so quickly.
    We have launched our first cause, Japan Disaster Relief, in hopes of helping the thousands of Japanese people who have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.
    100% of each donation to Japan Disaster Relief will be sent directly to Japan., Inc. will cover the transaction fee.

    Please help donate or become a supporter by clicking the link below.

  105. vince Avatar

    nice image print, but the american red cross one, which serves its purpose is remarkably similar. i just came across all these posters today, and at first i thought i missed something about a competition – Help Japan. this one aint as self indulgent though as the 2 offset styled poster designs. great concepts but within this context? the idea has been aquired by american red cross with ‘the dreaded text’ but its got to go on dude or nobody will have a clue what to do. had this image been used on the american red cross poster as a ‘commission’ with smaller text, the designer would have succeeded. not something to put on my wall as im sure many will agree. nice image though. another example of speculative design work, but i commend you for helping this cause.

    as someone posted above there –
    “without understanding the symbiotics of two weighted images”

    fascinations with the ‘circle’ for arts sake – not society.
    this one just sold for around $250 on ebay

  106. evasee Avatar

    Hi James, I put a banner in my website to your Aid Japan post. And also I´m one of the media suppliers and interviewer of the OFFF.

    We will meet in Barcelona,

    see ya!!


  107. Don Law Avatar
    Don Law

    Dear Sir:
    My name is Dr. Donald Lewis Law and I am in sciences and I know how to remove along with reduce the radiation on the ground. I have worked for many years in the nuclear field and there is a very cheap element called Clinoptilolite which is an zeolite. There are many deposits in the world and one close to Japan is in China of which I purchased a few years back. If you obtain this element the radiation will go into it and never come out and this is known. You would need 6,000,000 tons of this material to cover a 50 mile radii. You can drop it over the area using a bomber which delivers fire material of which I have such a plane in mind. This material sells for $40 dollars a ton here in the USA and it will take 5 ton to the acre. Also the food products and milk can be radiation free by washing the materials in this material along with water and feeding the cows 10% by food volume. It is a Known product and you can look it up on the internet under it’s name Clinoptilolite.
    Dr. Donald L. Law
    2911 E. Ferry Landing
    Post Falls, ID 83854
    Phone: 1-208 773-7151
    Unlisted phone private

  108. Alexey 30 Avatar
    Alexey 30

    My home is willing to take and sponsor a japanese family to stay with us until the disaster is over.

    Russia , Moscow

  109. yojimbo Avatar
  110. Chrystel Avatar

    Production Internationales Albert Sarfati
    Théâtre des Champs Elysées


    Soirée pour le Japon
    Mercredi 6 avril à 20h

    Nous sommes tous sous le choc de la récente catastrophe et admiratifs de la dignité avec laquelle les japonais traversent cette épreuve.
    Cette soirée, placée sous le signe de la spiritualité et de l’espoir, est organisée spécialement pour venir en aide au peuple japonais.
    Un message d’amitié de la part de nombreux artistes pour le Japon et la recette de cette soirée sera reversée à la Croix Rouge françaises afin de venir en aide aux sinistrés du Japon.

    Les artistes qui ont confirmé leur présence à ce jour :

    La danseuse Sylvie Guillem
    Le danseur étoile Nicolas Le Riche
    Le danseur et chorégraphe Akram Khan
    Les comédiens Natasha Parry, Lambert Wilson et Guillaume Galienne
    Le ténor Rolando Villazon
    Le baryton Laurent Naouri
    Les violonistes Renaud Capuçon et Sayaka Shoji
    Le violoncelliste Gautier Capuçon
    Les pianistes Martha Argerich, Nelson Freire et Momo Kodama
    Le metteur en scène et scènographe Bartabas

    Prix des places : de 140€ à 5€

    Informations / Réservations
    01 49 52 50 50
    Théâtre des Champs Elysées
    15 avenue Montaigne
    75008 PARIS

  111. KUMASAN3 Avatar

    Good work. We made a clip SOS Japan. its here :

  112. Yoshiko Avatar

    I know I will be very unpopular with how many people enjoy this image, but I would like to share the reactions of Japanese citizens and villagers I have shown this to. Many older people who viewed this image became very emotional when they saw it. Many were indignant. Already their confidence and sense of security is shaken, but this graphic designer has taken it upon himself to create an image that basically depicts a Japan that is broken. Yes, the image creates a sense of sympathy for potential donators to our situation, but at the cost of Japanese identity and dignity.

    I am reminded of the Japanese artist who designed a tattered American flag after 9-11 as an international gesture of compassion. He was stoned into producing an apology for disrespecting a country in grief.

    No such consideration was taken in the creation of this image.

  113. Tom D. Avatar
    Tom D.

    I’m stationed just outside of Kyoto and I have worn my shirt every day since I bought it. Day in and day out, I get dirty looks from the “natives” for having contributed to their ungrateful well-being. What lookd like a 100-year old lady had the nerve to walk up to me, speaking in broken English telling me what I was doing (by wearing it) was cruel and demeaning to survivors and “Japan as whole.”

    I think Jamie did a great job because it does what it aimed to do, raise money at all costs from the international culture. Screw identity and dignity! You’re getting support aren’t you???

    And I hate to be hypocritical, but if you would have illustrated and mosied around in a tattered American flag after 911, I personally would have socked you in the mouth. Yeah, it’s a double standard, but if the design bugs you so bad, then don’t accept the damn aid.

  114. Vieto Avatar

    Very nice call to help Japan. I have purchased 1 T-shirt und will puplish my T-shirt soon :)

  115. Tyrone Avatar

    Hello I am writing this message to raise funds to Japan, who can help with any amount I thank you, this is the link to make donations Thanks to all

  116. lauri Avatar

    That`s really nice poster! Simple but beautiful.

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