Help Japan: Update, March 14

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  1. Any chance you could get a t-shirt company to print some? I don’t have anywhere to put the poster, but would gladly wear a shirt. There are other shirts, but I like your design the best of any I’ve seen.

  2. Well done James you should be extremely proud of yourself :)
    And the poster which you creted looks great
    Yours Adam

  3. Way to stick with it! It’s amazing to see the reception this poster has received.

    And you didn’t even use a “Truck Stop” flare ;-)

  4. Its my background on my computer. Such a great design for a good cause. Look forward to the second run!

  5. You should just hire an intern to take care of shipping all those posters. :)
    Aren’t there companies that could take over this job for little money?

  6. It’s an inspirational story bro – something you’ll be proud to tell the grandkids! Well done for everything you’ve achieved to help this nation.

  7. Hello,
    what a great idea! We would love to sell those prints in our online Gallery, any chance of doing a second edition? We would also be able to raise awareness in Germany, since we are working with a big publishing house. please get back to me!
    thanx Mon

  8. Just to let you know there’s an article out there saying its bad taste to have this hanging in your living room or something like that the author was saying..

    I disagree with this article. Its going towards a good cause and I for one would like one to be my personal memorial to the people of japan. In fact the poster is what caught my way to the red cross where I donated also. I actually at first thought it was made by them to indicate something has happened and donations would be appreciated.

  9. Is there anyone in Halifax who can volunteer to help James package & ship the posters?

  10. found the poster via the asinine Fast Company post. your poster is wonderful and i am hopeful that when you do a second run, i will be able to buy one.

    all the best and keep up the beautiful and meaningful work.

  11. beautiful, simple and poignant. hope you find the help necessary to reprint the poster or do a tshirt- perhaps with your donation suggestions on the back? please update if you do either.

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