Help Japan: Update, March 14

The past few days have been a bit of a blur, so I wanted to post an update and explanation here on the blog regarding the Help Japan poster and the funds it raised for disaster relief after the 8.9 quake last Friday. I’ve received numerous emails, tweets and comments, most of which I haven’t had a chance to respond to individually. So I will update you as best I can right here.

I want to thank everyone for your immense support in spreading the word via your blogs and Twitter over the last few days. Your positive feedback and willingness to help contributed hugely to raising over $7,000 which will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in Japan. It’s incredible to see so many leap at the opportunity to give through this initiative and my thanks goes out to each and every one of you. If you would like some alternative methods of donating, please refer to my previous post.

So, what happens now? I’ve been busy sorting out all of the necessary components to get the first run of posters into peoples’ hands as soon as possible. I plan on starting shipping at the end of this week (or early next week) once all the supplies have arrived, and I would like to thank you for your patience as I rush to nail down all the final details.

A second run of posters

Many people have been inquiring about a second run of Help Japan posters going toward a second donation, and this is something I will be sorting out once this current batch is underway. I will have more details by the end of this week. The reason for this is simple, Signalnoise is a 1-man operation. I wish I could say I had the capacity to take on all orders immediately, but unfortunately I can’t because I will be packing and shipping everything myself. This initiative is very grassroots and the incredible support you have shown it caught me very much by surprise these past few days. I will be doing everything I can to keep things moving on the first run of posters, along with the second run when I have the capacity.

So again, a huge thanks for your generosity and willingness to help, everyone. It’s truly appreciated. And if you are looking for alternative methods of donating to help the relief efforts in Japan, please refer to my previous post which lists a number charitable organizations.






20 responses to “Help Japan: Update, March 14”

  1. paula Avatar

    Any chance you could get a t-shirt company to print some? I don’t have anywhere to put the poster, but would gladly wear a shirt. There are other shirts, but I like your design the best of any I’ve seen.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Well done James you should be extremely proud of yourself :)
    And the poster which you creted looks great
    Yours Adam

  3. Colin Oakes Avatar

    Way to stick with it! It’s amazing to see the reception this poster has received.

    And you didn’t even use a “Truck Stop” flare ;-)

  4. Jerry Astro Avatar

    You are honestly an inspiration to me and I hope the second run of posters get sold out as well. You are the man!

  5. Alice Avatar

    Great job on the poster. Glad we could help spread the word at My Modern Met.

  6. Steve Avatar

    Its my background on my computer. Such a great design for a good cause. Look forward to the second run!

  7. soulwarrior Avatar

    You should just hire an intern to take care of shipping all those posters. :)
    Aren’t there companies that could take over this job for little money?

  8. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Its amazing how fast it went around the internet! Amazing design non the less! And so much donated! :)

  9. Neal Hacker Avatar

    Your doing great! This is amazing!

  10. Martin Avatar

    I love this poster design. So simple but says it all. You’re doing a life changing job here James.

  11. Francesco Avatar

    Great work. The poster is amazing!

  12. invenio design Avatar

    if you can’t take all orders,and no time to packing all poster…you can call…. THE STREAM TEAM! (they make pakaging missions too) :D

  13. Karl-Jason Avatar

    It’s an inspirational story bro – something you’ll be proud to tell the grandkids! Well done for everything you’ve achieved to help this nation.

  14. Mon Muellerschoen Avatar

    what a great idea! We would love to sell those prints in our online Gallery, any chance of doing a second edition? We would also be able to raise awareness in Germany, since we are working with a big publishing house. please get back to me!
    thanx Mon

  15. Tim Forte Avatar

    Great work on the ‘Help Japan’ poster. I’ve put you up on my blog to spread the word I’d also like a poster to support the cause. How do I place an order James?

  16. Steve Avatar

    Just to let you know there’s an article out there saying its bad taste to have this hanging in your living room or something like that the author was saying..

    I disagree with this article. Its going towards a good cause and I for one would like one to be my personal memorial to the people of japan. In fact the poster is what caught my way to the red cross where I donated also. I actually at first thought it was made by them to indicate something has happened and donations would be appreciated.

  17. Lindsay Lent Avatar
    Lindsay Lent

    Is there anyone in Halifax who can volunteer to help James package & ship the posters?

  18. todd slutzky Avatar

    found the poster via the asinine Fast Company post. your poster is wonderful and i am hopeful that when you do a second run, i will be able to buy one.

    all the best and keep up the beautiful and meaningful work.

  19. PJ Kaiser Avatar

    Lovely poster and tremendous effort – congrats. I have mentioned your poster and other efforts to help japan on my blog in this post

  20. denay Avatar

    beautiful, simple and poignant. hope you find the help necessary to reprint the poster or do a tshirt- perhaps with your donation suggestions on the back? please update if you do either.

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