Help Japan poster available now

Since the first run of Help Japan posters quickly sold out earlier this week, I have had numerous emails in support of the cause and inquiries about when the poster will be printed for a second time. I am happy to announce that the poster is available once again in the new storefront.

Purchase the ‘Help Japan’ poster here

The initial run of posters was a small compared to the immediate interest it received, something I could not have predicted when I launched the initiative in my small online store. But I would like to send a very warm thank-you to my friends at Merchline in Florida and Precision Atlantic here in Halifax. Without their immediate and generous efforts to help me out I could not have gotten more posters available to those interested in contributing to this cause. Nathan Murray at Merchline set me up with an excellent storefront with the capability of handling larger volumes of orders, and Tony Martin at Precision Atlantic for swiftly getting the posters printed on such incredibly short notice. This could not have happened without them.

Once again, all proceeds generated from sales of this poster will be donated to Japanese disaster relief following the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami of March 11. The first run of posters generated a donation of $7250.00 in 2 days which was donated to the Canadian Red Cross, and I would like to extend another huge thanks to those who stepped up and contributed to the cause.

Alternatively, if you would like more direct methods of donating to organizations dealing with relief efforts in Japan, here are a number of options:

Canadian Red Cross
American Red Cross
Doctors without Borders
The Salvation Army
Global Living

Canada: Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10
USA: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
Ireland: Text REDCROSS to 57500 to donate €5






15 responses to “Help Japan poster available now”

  1. Barton Damer Avatar

    That’s awesome! Great job.

  2. paul_pants Avatar

    Awesome James, props to you for spearheading this effort…you’ve most definitely gone above and beyond here and it should serve as an inspiration to all.

  3. Erik Goens Avatar

    Will the second round of donations go to the Canadian Red Cross as well?

  4. Chad Avatar

    Hey James.. great job and congrats on the overwhelming success of the print… great job…

    $7200 is a great contribution

  5. Karie Avatar

    All orders receive a free Signalnoise sticker ?

  6. james Avatar

    Karie, my other posters ship with a free sticker, but not this one. Where did you read that?

  7. Karie Avatar

    I don’t have read. Its just one question

  8. james Avatar

    I understand, Karie. No, with this order you just get the poster.

  9. Eric Avatar

    Dear James. I’m living in Réunion island in Indian ocean. I tried to purchase the help Japan poster, but the link does not work. I’m using Google Chrome. is this poster aviable for Réunion’s islanders ? Kind regards. Eric

  10. Jeff Avatar

    Hi–I ordered my poster today. Could you please add the following donation portal to your list? 100% of funds go to Japan Relief:

  11. Gustavo PG de Oliveira Avatar
    Gustavo PG de Oliveira

    Great Job!
    “We(Artists) are (…) the REAL Revolutionary”(Bob Marley)

  12. Christoffer Avatar

    Great job there! We all appreciate this. However I couldn’t share this on my blogger, “due to too many insignificant letters in the URL?” Huh??!!
    Well, don’t worry I’ll fix this.

    Keep it up my friend!

  13. J.J. Avatar

    James, I happened to see your great poster via the Ace hotel’s blog. The rising sun flag you drew is impressive; “fragility” after the unbelievable damage and “strength” to recover the country – that’s what I felt. Thanks for thinking of us.

  14. Jo Afi Avatar
    Jo Afi

    Hey if youre in the SoCal area, there is a Japan Relief event going on at the Pala Raceway. please check it out, we can really make a difference

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