Help Japan poster available now

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  1. Awesome James, props to you for spearheading this effort…you’ve most definitely gone above and beyond here and it should serve as an inspiration to all.

  2. Hey James.. great job and congrats on the overwhelming success of the print… great job…

    $7200 is a great contribution

  3. Dear James. I’m living in Réunion island in Indian ocean. I tried to purchase the help Japan poster, but the link does not work. I’m using Google Chrome. is this poster aviable for Réunion’s islanders ? Kind regards. Eric

  4. Great Job!
    “We(Artists) are (…) the REAL Revolutionary”(Bob Marley)

  5. Great job there! We all appreciate this. However I couldn’t share this on my blogger, “due to too many insignificant letters in the URL?” Huh??!!
    Well, don’t worry I’ll fix this.

    Keep it up my friend!

  6. James, I happened to see your great poster via the Ace hotel’s blog. The rising sun flag you drew is impressive; “fragility” after the unbelievable damage and “strength” to recover the country – that’s what I felt. Thanks for thinking of us.

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