Heading to Lincoln, NE

You and me, Lincoln! I’ll be getting on a plane tomorrow morning for my trek down to Nebraska to do a talk and hang out. My pal Nick Evans has planned things out, got some posters printed up and it sounds like we are all systems go. I’ll be packing up some stickers for those who come out to say hello. Here’s the details for the big day:

Signalnoise presentation: Back to the Future
When: Wednesday, October 12
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, 1040 P. Street

Signalnoise Meet-up (Facebook)
When: Wednesday, October 12, 6pm – whenever
Where: Zen’s Lounge, 122 N. 11th Street
All are welcome!

That’s the scoop. Looking forward to meeting you all.






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  1. smavk aka d'argo Avatar

    hey signalnoise. i seen the ‘back to the future’ seminar. loved it.
    We’re gonna have a gaming tournament coming real soon and I have to do all the [Design] work for it. That is nuts. I followed some of your ideas and incorporated them into mine and got a branding job off the bat!!

    All Hail Signalnoise.

    I wanted to do another interview with u, if I could and collab on something in the future.

    I know you are crazy busy, though.

    I am on Tumblr and you can message me there.

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