Heading to FITC San Francisco

I made the decision very recently, but I’m super happy to be attending FITC San Francisco in a couple of weeks, August 17 – 19. This will be my first trip to San Francisco, plus the first time seeing any part of the North American west coast. I won’t be presenting this time around, just attending.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of my favorite online artists and developers speak, a few personal highlights are Erik Natzke, Scott Hansen, Yugo Nakamura, Robert Hodgin, Brendan Dawes, Jared Ficklin and a bunch of others. I’m even going to see a live Tycho set, can’t wait. On top of that, I’m looking forward to meeting and hanging out with fellow artists, designers and students whom I only know through the blog and Twitter, such as Fabio from Abduzeedo! Yeah!

I’m not sure what I can put together on such short notice, but I plan on bringing a few Signalnoise goodies along for the ride which might include stickers, buttons, posters or t-shirts for those I meet. I’ll see what I can do, and will keep you posted.

If you are attending the San Francisco event, drop me a comment on this post. Hope to see you there, kids.






3 responses to “Heading to FITC San Francisco”

  1. Chad Mueller Avatar

    Good for you James, have fun – why are you not presenting?

    You will see our name down there – as we are sponsoring, but we are unable to attend. Maybe next year!

  2. Dan Norton Avatar

    see you there dude, I’m really looking forward to the Tycho show too, can’t wait to see the sweet VDMX visuals and a full band. beers will be had for sure!

  3. Peter Nudo Avatar

    I wont be there, but I will be in San Francisco. We should all meet up somewhere!

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