He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic

He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic

He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic

He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic

Being the nostalgic dope that I am, I recently purchased one of my favorite childhood shows on DVD, He-man. I was hesitant for years about re-watching He-man for fear of it being toppled from the pedestal my 6-year-old mind remembers it to be on. However, as ridiculous as it may be, I can still see perfectly well why little Jimmy stopped in his tracks whenever the Filmation logo appeared onscreen.

Re-watching the episodes spurred me to track down these He-man designs created by Marko Djurdjevic a few years back. It may be old news, but I love the modern and sinister twists Marko adapted to the characters (looks as though Skeletor was loosely based on Marilyn Manson). Beautiful renders.

I had a hard time tracking down anything official to provide a link to, but here is a post on Jimsmash displaying all of his designs.






12 responses to “He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic”

  1. IhateDesign Avatar

    the skelletor is kinda gay, but the rest os characters are great, specially beast man and man at arms

  2. Chris Avatar

    I had the same nostalgic sentiments towards Thundercats a while back…unfortunately the pedestal I had placed those descendants of Thundera was unstable. However I did recognize how well the action was animated and the sweet lightning effects from the Sword of Omens.

  3. olivier Avatar

    Oh yes, the days of watching He Man and Thundercats, great fun! (now theres an idea HeMan Vs Thunderctas who would win?Schnaaarf)

  4. Joe Avatar

    I think the Skelator came out great. I’m a little bothered by the He-Man concept though. He looks pretty bummed out and just overall not with it. As a kid I watched He-Man and to this day I never imagined him doing anything but kicking the shit out of everything in his path — not looking like he just smoked some rock.

  5. Joe Avatar

    and BTW, He-Man would pwn Thundercats + Ghostbusters + Voltron any day of the week.

  6. james Avatar

    Chris, I somehow slipped through the cracks on Thundercats. I’ve never seen an episode, which is strange considering the show was at it’s height when I was 8. But that cartoon had the best logo going.

    Joe, I’d be bummed out too if I had to deal with an idiot like Skeletor. Skeletor’s only mandate was ‘be a jerk, all the time’. Or maybe he was just jealous that Grayskull looked way cooler than Snake Mountain.

  7. Daniel Carvalho Avatar

    I also purchased He-Man recently, it was a big childhood favorite of mine and I chuckled when reading this post as I also shared that same exact feeling of excitement when that Filmation logo appeared onscreen. For many years after, I was still doing the sound effects of the logos transition in. Love it.

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  10. Ryan Avatar

    I think this stuff looks pretty freakin cool! I love the look of skeletor only his body language needs to be a little more badass and a little less feminine.

  11. Andy Avatar

    Hello…. I love your style….. very nice!….. The best cartoon ever!

  12. Cameron Avatar

    Its’s as if all of Eternia has become Junkies or something. );

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