Hasbro posters by Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo

Some killer posters coming out of Acid Free Gallery in a team-up with Hasbro. Here we have Tom Whalen on Transformers and Dave Perillo on GI Joe. I’m a big fan of people putting a cool modern spin on my childhood favorites while keeping the energy and flavour of the franchise intact. Tom and Dave have done just that. Love these.

These will be available at the New York Comic Con this month.






5 responses to “Hasbro posters by Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo”

  1. Paul Pants Avatar

    Great stuff, right up my alley.

  2. Solo71 Avatar

    Oh man, just the creative kick I needed to start the morning!
    Great post James!

  3. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Wow… these are incredibly well done! Brings back all kinds of memories.

  4. Kevin Element Avatar
    Kevin Element
  5. Ryan Avatar

    NICE find! These are great!

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