Happy Holidays from Signalnoise!

Happy Holidays from Signalnoise

Because the holidays are just around the corner, things will be slowing down next week on the blog as I travel home to visit the family for some seasonal relaxing full of egg nog and mom’s homecooking. My computer time will be limited, and there will be a slight delay in shipping out poster orders I receive from the 21st to the 28th.

2008 has been a great year here at Signalnoise, and I’m very happy to have met and worked with so many great and talented artists from all over the world.

So to you and yours, have a safe and happy holiday from Signalnoise!






8 responses to “Happy Holidays from Signalnoise!”

  1. Joseph Avatar

    Thanks, man! Love the Christmas design, and have a great time at home!

  2. Alan Jaras Avatar

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year – don’t eat too much!!

  3. Nick Avatar

    Cool! this will make a sweet wallpaper for the holidays :) thanks & Merry christmas

  4. Daniel Avatar

    Thanks James. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you as well.

    I hope to see loads more creations from you.

  5. Daan Avatar

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody around here :)

  6. Sam Avatar

    Hi there, just got this on my inbox…. and thought that it was uninspiringly similar:

    Maybe just a coincidence… but if it was “inspired” in yours… it’s quite crappy.

    I love yours by the way! It’s lovely.

  7. Ben Avatar

    Did you know that Christmas was first invented by Schlecky Groomsbergle in 1491? Originally it was intended as a way of foisting unwnated items cluttering up the homeside upon one’s loved-types and family-ones. And Santa Claus was an amalgamation of several existing pagan folk-heroes and demagogues, most of whom were boar-hogs.

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