Happy Holidays from Signalnoise

Since we’re into the final week before the big day and people will be taking off for vacation soon, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best over the holidays. Hope you have a safe and happy one.

Just a note, things might get a little slow on the blog after I head home for the holidays. There will be no Signalnoise Broadcast this week, I’ll be returning at the regular time on Thursday, December 30th.

Happy holidays from Signalnoise Design Studio!







15 responses to “Happy Holidays from Signalnoise”

  1. Jmgarrido Avatar

    Happy holidays to you too james!

  2. Gezzamondo Avatar

    Very very clever indeed :)

  3. Ryan Swierczek Avatar

    Brilliant concept !

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks guys. Given the shape of lights and Christmas balls, I’m kicking myself for not coming up with this idea before now.

  5. Reilly Newman Avatar

    Lovely! And Happy Holidays!

  6. Chris Avatar

    Beautiful work as usual. Happy holidays to you too!

  7. Michael Lapp Avatar

    Awesome design James what did you make it in? It works really well! Happy Holidays man

  8. Ern_st Avatar

    So simple & nicely executed :) Happy holidays James!

  9. Carlos Camp Avatar

    Very cool James!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  10. Cameron Avatar

    Happy Holidays to you to James! Take care bud!

  11. Jameson Avatar

    Love it. I got this in my mail today and such a perfectly fitting rendition. Makes me wonder what you will do next year.

  12. Jameson Avatar

    James, have you ever given your design files to be animated by anyone? Would love to see some links if so.

  13. Gerry Avatar

    Jameson, There are some signalnoise animations on Vimeo and YouTube i think… Have a look

  14. Richard Avatar


  15. Jan Avatar

    That look really cool! Happy Holidays to you too!

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