Happy Halloween!

I love it when a costume comes together.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Have a safe one.






13 responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Leukocyt Avatar

    I ain’t getting on no plane!

  2. Jason Avatar

    Have a good one James!

  3. PJ Avatar

    I did NOT expect that when I clicked the link, fantastic :D

  4. CameronDuthie Avatar

    Haha spot on mate! You always have such great Halloween costume ideas!

  5. Joshua L Harris Avatar

    I pity da fool that doesn’t like this costume.
    Your site always puts a smile on my face.
    It’s Great Look James!
    Happy Halloween!

  6. ashok Avatar

    HAHAH! You look like a younger version of sully from uncharted!

  7. Chris Avatar

    Amazing, have a good Halloween James.

  8. Joe Clark Avatar

    This doesn’t make the tiniest bit of sense, isn’t funny, and isn’t remotely tight enough in the trousers.

  9. james Avatar

    Joe, the last time you left a comment on my blog were some snarky remarks on last year’s Halloween post. This is just a bit of fun. If you have some kind of problem with Halloween costumes don’t take it out on me.

  10. Steve Fraschini Avatar

    Ahahah, nice Hannibal Smith style! Hell yeah!

  11. Alex R Avatar

    James, I have news from the future ! Joe says he hates your 2012 Halloween costume. Maybe try and dress up as Justin Bieber or that emo vampire from Twilight next time, maybe that will be more to his liking …..

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