Happy Birthday, mom!

While all you Americans are celebrating your 4th of July in fine form, there are different nation-wide events afoot on our side of the border. Today is my dear mom’s birthday. Pillar of the family, maker of many peanut butter sandwiches, and fine motivator of “getting me out of bed so I don’t miss the school bus”.

To celebrate, here we are. The complete and mighty White family collection, circa 1982. Good lookin’ bunch if I do say so myself. From right to left there’s my sister Angela, my mom Dianne, my dad Gerard and me on the end. We got the family photo taken then probably went for a nice meal at Morrison’s in downtown Kingston, Ontario. We lived in Kingston for the first half of the 80s.

It should also be noted that it was my girlfriend’s birthday on June 1st, my dad’s birthday on June 2nd and my sister’s birthday on June 20th. We eat more cake in June and July then we do all year round.

So this is for you mom. Never a dull moment, huh? Happy birthday!






15 responses to “Happy Birthday, mom!”

  1. Peterpasha Avatar

    Dude! Is that a velour sweater vest?

  2. Brad Avatar

    Nice gesture.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Happy birthday, James’ mom!

  4. Pentaura Avatar

    Happy birthday to your mum. Your dad also coincidentally has the same birthday as me, July 2nd!

  5. Patrick Suin Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. White!

  6. james Avatar

    Peter, totally. Nothing but style around here, buddy.

    Pentaura, his birthday is actually June 2nd.

    Everyone else, thanks so much for the kind birthday wishes. I’m sure my mom will see them all on here.

  7. departed93 Avatar

    Happy Birthday Mrs. White!

    And James, your expression on that photo is priceless.

  8. Pentaura Avatar

    Oops, fail on my part xD, its a Monday, im a bit slow today.

  9. KYS Avatar

    My mom’s birthday is July 4th too!

    Must be a day that great moms are born.

  10. james Avatar

    Departed93, if my parents promised a trip to the toy store after this photo shoot, that would explain my expression and my sister’s. Angela never cared too much for toys. Ha!

  11. departed93 Avatar

    Well I guess it ain’t her thing, haha. But think of what could’ve been, you could have got even more nerdy stuff than you do now! So amazing.

  12. ricardo machado Avatar

    nice item #5445298!

  13. Patryk Cichocki Avatar

    you look like a little prankster ;) best wishes for your mom

  14. John Avatar

    Happy birthday to your mom, James. You nearly look like Chucky with that smile. ha…

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