Happy 25th birthday, Zelda

On February 21st one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, The Legend of Zelda celebrated it’s 25th birthday. 25 years since Link took up his very first sword to do battle with the evil forces of Gannon. I remember borrowing a friend’s Zelda game way back in the NES days, staying up way too late playing that thing as I’m sure so many of you had as well. Little did I know at the time that 25 years later Link would still be at the top of the franchise heap.

In celebration of 25 the stunning artwork seen above appeared online, created by Japanese artist ag+. I wish I could find a more direct link to their work but I got lost in the sea of Japanese interwebs. Want to have your face melted? Check out the full-res version. Absolutely beautiful.

And now lets bring it all the way back to the late 80s with this hilariously silly and infinitely charming television commercial for the original, the best, The Legend of Zelda. Thanks to Hannah Shilliday for sending this one over.

A very happy birthday to all of our pals in Hyrule!






10 responses to “Happy 25th birthday, Zelda”

  1. PJ Avatar

    Wow, Zelda’s an older franchise than me :D

  2. Leukocyt Avatar

    This image is absolutely brilliant.
    Zelda is awesome, but I would really like to see something new done with the series.

  3. solemone Avatar

    Happy Birthday Zelda!

    The artwork looks awesome.

    Zelda rocks :)

  4. Mbithi Avatar

    What I wouldn’t do to have that artwork on my wall! Damn! But a great big belated birthday wish to Link. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Adamski Avatar

    Where’s the Chicken!?!

  6. Cameron Avatar

    YES i love Zelda! Happy Birthday! And awesome artwork there, could literally spend ages looking at everything and what a games console, think mine is still up in my loft somewhere! haha. Thanks for sharing James!

  7. Jorden Avatar

    I think i shall celebrate by playing Zelda on the old NES!!!

  8. Daniel Avatar

    An old classic! I remember I always loved the Zelda artwork and wished for the game to look the same. This one is pure beauty (I wish I could draw like that). Thanks for sharing!

  9. Dragos M. Avatar

    Very cool poster, i was scrolling down and felt like entering the underworld, colors changing to red and monsters all over the place.

  10. 1ndigo Avatar

    Wow… that is a beautiful image. how did you find this magnificent treasure!?

    Zelda is one of my favorite games. I remember the bandaids I had to put on my thumbs from pulling all nighters playing it on the NES.

    oh the memories…

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