Happy 2009 from Signalnoise

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  1. So, is Year of Astronomy a client of yours or are they holding a contest or something? You didn’t really explain what it was for per say…

    Happy new year.

  2. Ryan, with the snow we had recently, my parents should start renting out the backyard to Norwegian black metal bands :) It looks awesome right about now.

    Justin, no they aren’t a client. I’ve always been interested in all things cosmic (nebulas, clusters, etc) so I wanted to do my part in bringing some awareness to the upcoming ‘Year of Astronomy’.

  3. Nice layout and design here i see a bit of the borealis here.. I’m interested in knowing how you keep your final design so crisp..for example the gasoline morning, this one, the computer arts tut.. well all of your work.. mine tends to have a bit of a fuzz bc of all of the overlaying.

  4. Ralph, I’ll be adding some more prints to my store this January and this may very well be one of them :) Thanks for the suggestion.

    Justin, I already did. I had to be granted permission to use their logo so they saw it before posting.

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