Halifax’s Best Visual Artist 2009 award

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  1. Congratulations James!! You more than deserve it! And damn! It pains me to think of the amount of vector work you put into that cover!

  2. Hey you earned it…keep up the good work and I’m still looking forward to a new book with your recent works :D

  3. Congratulations! What a great honor. That cover rocks. I especially like what you did with ‘The Coast’, it’s smokin’ hot. Party it up tonight!

  4. Once again, thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Courtny, the final step was Photoshop, but only to add some subtle textures and beef up the colors a bit. 95% was Illustrator.

  5. Congratulations, Jim . Well deserved , you’re the hardest working big kid I know :) .

    If you’ve got a spare one, you should totally mail me a copy !

  6. WOW! I’m just starting to learn Illustrator and I didn’t know that stuff like that is possible! I wish I could be as good as you one day :)

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