Halifax designer meet-up tonight

As I mentioned on my Twitter over the past few days, I haphazardly arranged a designer meet-up for tonight here in Halifax. My favorite joint to hang out is Gatsby’s (5675 Spring Garden) here in town, so how about we all meet there at 8pm tonight for some drinks and Photoshop talk. I’ll have Signalnoise stickers on hand as well.

I rarely get the opportunity to meet designers from my hometown because there are so few events around here, so lets do this. Also in attendance will be Jerko who you might know from my broadcasts, as well as media darling and illustrator fun-man, Mike Holmes.

If you are a designer, artist, illustrator or whatever, drop in and say hello. Hope to see you there!






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  1. kids games Avatar

    I’m sure it was a great party. Was a real shame to have missed it

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