Halifax Design Meet

That’s right, Halifax. The second Halifax Design Meet is scheduled for tomorrow night. The last time I organized something like this was back in March, so we’re long overdue to kick back, have a drink and talk about fonts. Here’s the details:

When: Wednesday, June 22, 7pm
Where: Gatsby’s Bar and Eatery, 5675 Spring Garden (map)
Who: Artists, designers and everyone in between

Swing on by and say hello to a friendly crowd. Hope to see you there!






17 responses to “Halifax Design Meet”

  1. Paul Pants Avatar

    Wish I could be there! Have a blast guys :)

  2. Simon H. Avatar

    Which I’d be living in Halifax! Oh well. That “poster” you created for it is pretty swell too.

  3. james Avatar

    Paul, you’ll drive to Toronto and not Halifax? That’s discrimination, buddy.

    Simon, thanks bro! I can’t take credit though, I aped Josef Müller-Brockmann a bit for the layout. :)

  4. Piercey Avatar

    Rad. I may swing by to say hello!

  5. Peterpasha Avatar

    Woot! ‘everyone in between’ covers me, so I will be there!

  6. james Avatar

    Hey Piercey! Do it, man. The last time we all got together it was a great time. Be great to see you.

    Peter, your attendance is mandatory.

  7. Paul Pants Avatar

    James, do one of these on a weekend and I’ll fly in. ( on a plane ) ;)

  8. jballantyne Avatar

    cool. maybe I’ll join you guys.

  9. jballantyne Avatar

    also, the graphic on this poster looks like a Simon.

  10. Christopher Dean Avatar

    Did someone say fonts?
    @James: Be careful what you wish for…
    (and I can’t quite tell at this resolution, but it appears as though you are using a foot mark instead of an apostrophe)
    ((Akzidenz Grotesque))
    (((bring it)))

  11. james Avatar

    Chris, how about I leave my foot mark on your ass?

    Also, you going to swing by tomorrow?

  12. AKnott Avatar

    It is a cruel, cruel world where my 9-5 design job is gonna hamper me getting to this. How late they usually go? Do I have to buy type inspired shots for everyone if I’m late?

  13. james Avatar

    Alison, I was just going to contact you, actually. We’ll probably be there until 10 or 11. Will that work for you?

  14. Alex Varanese Avatar
    Alex Varanese

    Your new logotype is GROTESK, dude. It looks like some kind of… grotesque accident. Seriously though, it looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it roll out in more places.

  15. AKnott Avatar

    Yar, I’ll be there at some point. I’ll just sit under the table if there’s no room. Free crumbs!

  16. Jorden Tually Avatar

    I will be there next time!!! So bummed!

  17. Peterpasha Avatar

    Although type inspired shots do sound intriguing. Helvetica Hammer or Comic Sans Cooler anyone?

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