Halifax Design Meet: July 27

The third Halifax Design Meet is scheduled for tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 27 starting at 8pm. As usual, we will be hanging out in the back room at Gatsby’s, 5675 Spring Garden Road in Halifax.

Should be a great time. Hope to see you there!






3 responses to “Halifax Design Meet: July 27”

  1. Paul Avatar

    That design looks heavily inspired by Josef Muller-Brockmann. Awesome stuff.

  2. Christopher Dean Avatar

    Gatsby’s < Gatsby’s = http://bit.ly/azmO8r *sigh*. In order to get proper quotes &c. I believe you need to use [option] or [shift]+[option] = [[] or [][ (depending on your system/CS settings. CS is not so cooperative as of late). Man I’m annoying to be around sometimes. I have no idea how my friends tolerate me. @James, Will you be having another Meet before the end of August? I keep missing them, and Trivia ends this week for the summer so I have a month of Wednesdays off. Perhaps we can organize a “Type Freak Meet.” But, given my compulsively critical behaviour, hard-ass tendancies, and a complete lack of ability to self-censor, I have a strong feeling I might be the only one in attendance. I like the flat/swiss/minimalist work I’m seeing lately. Reminds of our old friend JMB. The AG kicks ass as well.

  3. Christopher Dean Avatar


    [option] or [shift]+[option] AND [[] or [][

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