Halifax Design Meet: July 27

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  1. Gatsby’s < Gatsby’s = http://bit.ly/azmO8r *sigh*. In order to get proper quotes &c. I believe you need to use [option] or [shift]+[option] = [[] or [][ (depending on your system/CS settings. CS is not so cooperative as of late). Man I’m annoying to be around sometimes. I have no idea how my friends tolerate me. @James, Will you be having another Meet before the end of August? I keep missing them, and Trivia ends this week for the summer so I have a month of Wednesdays off. Perhaps we can organize a “Type Freak Meet.” But, given my compulsively critical behaviour, hard-ass tendancies, and a complete lack of ability to self-censor, I have a strong feeling I might be the only one in attendance. I like the flat/swiss/minimalist work I’m seeing lately. Reminds of our old friend JMB. The AG kicks ass as well.

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