Gunning for Amsterdam

FITC Amsterdam

In only 1 hour I’ll be getting into the air again to start my venture to FITC Amsterdam. This is stop #3 on the Signalnoise World Tour 2013, hot off my trip to Manila and Toronto. My bag is packed and I’m armed with stickers and buttons for those interested. I’ll be taking the stage TWICE on Monday, first will be Design Renegade to start off the event at 10am then I’ll be doing a 30 minute drawing session in the Influxis Lounge at 3:30pm. Be there!

Looking forward to meeting up with my favorite FITC crew, along with some fellow speakers and pals Hydro74 and GMunk. Can’t wait to hang with this yahoos over in Europe, hope I get out alive.

Without further keyboard pecking, I need to pack this rig up and fire it into the car. I’ll be seeing you real soon Amsterdam!






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