GUM CARDS: An amazing Week 1

It’s Friday afternoon and week 1 of the GUM CARDS fundraising is coming to an end. I launched the GUM CARDS Indiegogo page on Monday at noon and since then we’ve raised almost half of our final $4000 goal. Half! I’m still in plenty of shock over that one. Unbelievable.

From the moment I launched the project people jumped at the opportunity to help out. I saw so many tweets, comments, emails, pledges and blog posts pop up all week as people got behind this little passion project and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I created GUM CARDS because if this set already existed, I’d definitely be collecting it. So to see so many like-minded people jump in to support it really brings a tear to my eye. Thanks so much, gang.

So, not only has the fundraising been going well but I’ve secured the next 5 cards. Everyone I have approached so far has been incredibly enthusiastic to have a card made of them, which was a complete surprise. Just wait until you see the people that are onboard. Big names, man. Blew me away. I’ll be launching card #3 next week, so watch this space. Can’t wait for this one.

Looking forward to week 2. Think we can hit that goal? Time will tell, but you can bet I’ll be working long and hard over here to keep the project strong. Check out that Indiegogo page and give a follow on Twitter for updates.






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